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Wobenzym® vital in Spain

Since the 5th of December 2011 the companies Mucos & Diafarm have launched the world wide leading brand in systemic enzyme therapy Wobenzym® in Spain.

The product Wobenzym vital – a combination of animal & vegetable enzymes will support 

  • the body’s natural inflammation response 
  • increases flexibility and mobility
  • supports joint and tendon health 
  • temporary relief from aches, pains and muscle soreness due to everyday activity 

Wobenzym vital works holistically - throughout your entire body - to support your body’s natural response to inflammation. While inflammation in the body is a normal and natural response, the aches, pains and muscle soreness that often accompany it can keep you from living the active lifestyle you desire. Experiencing extraordinary health is all about helping the body achieve homeostasis - a dynamic state of balance. 
 If you want to take control of your life and live it on your terms, choose the brand that has been trusted by millions worldwide for decades - choose Wobenzym.