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Think global!

Mucos Pharma international – growing internationally

Mucos Pharma’s vision is to make enzyme therapy available to people all over the world. Its success in Eastern Europe and the CIS states through its office in Prague is its very first step in this direction.  

In the near future, Wobenzym®, Phlogenzym® und Wobe-Mucos® NEM will be marketed more intensely in other European neighboring countries and parts of the world such as the USA, Latin America and Asia.

The growing need of enzyme therapy in the world has motivated the industry to develop subsidiaries and partnerships with national initiatives. This fine-tuning into the specific needs of national markets guarantees a successful and sustainable increase in Mucos enzyme-product availability worldwide.

At present, Mucos enzyme products may be found in pharmacies in over 30 countries. Its high standard requirements for quality and safety are part of the reason behind its intensive international research and its regular expert meetings in order to exchange invaluable expertise.

International thinking

There is increasing international interest in Mucos enzyme research.  The spreading global trend for prevention makes enzymes increasingly relevant. Similarly to vitamin supplements in the past that were strictly used for treatment, enzymes are now also being used to prevent disease within the context of energy-balanced diets and nutrient supplements. 

Mucos enzyme combinations are perfectly designed to prevent disease and maintain health thanks to their integrated action and digestibility. Their invaluable quality is achieved through strict manufacturing standards and meets the expectations of health and body-conscious people of today.

Mucos Pharma possesses the necessary scientific competence and unique expertise to take its enzyme therapy system to all parts of the world.